Monday, 30 September 2013

8.8cm Flak - Waffen SS in Arnhem

8.8 cm Flak - Waffen SS in Arnhem

Another one of those things people say aren't "great" in Flames of War. I always thought to myself, you can't have a German army and not have the fearsome "88".
I've had these sitting half completed for a few months now, and after my recent break I've decided to start a new with these guys. The Waffen SS crews are a mix of Pak 40 crews, 2cm Flak crew and regular crew from the 88. The SS figures are better in my opinion as they are smaller and give a better look, fantastic detail.

Oh and you know I couldn't resist putting in the camera guy, hands down best Battlefront figure ever made.


  1. What colors are you using for your bricks?

  2. Base color of Light Brown (orange), then pick out bricks with red leather, and flat brown. Then go in between the bricks with german camo beige.