Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Leibermuster Camouflage Tutorial
The Third Reich's last camouflage pattern.

Leibermuster, the last camouflage pattern developed by the Third Reich. Issued in limited numbers in the last year of the war. Popping up in Germany and Czechoslovakia in the last year of the war.
It is uncertain how many units received it as records keeping on the business end of the Russian steamroller wasn't at the top of the action-item list. 

Now, I had thought to sit on this for sometime and quietly send it off to Battlefront in hopes it would make it into the Berlin books, but I didn't see it fair to hold off on something for the "what-if" crowd. The colors and very simple, and the pattern is easy to reproduce if you have the patients. I found it much easier to replicate than peadot. 

For this Pattern you will need:

Vallejo: 128 German Cam. Orange Ochre
Vallejo: 103 German Cam. Beige
Vallejo: 081 Medium Olive
Vallejo: 130 Amarantha Red
Vallejo: 136 Red Leather
Vallejo: 169 Black
Vallejo: 168 Black Grey
MIG Productions Dark Wash

Step 1: a 50/50 mix of German Camo Beige, and German Camo Orange Ochre 

Step 2: Apply a MIG Dark Wash and allow to dry overnight. Follow this with a dry brush of the base color. The goal is to shade the figure.

Step 3: Medium Olive horizontal fairly random lines. Decent spacing between.

Step 4: a 50/50 mix of red Leather and Amaranth Red. Again as in Step 3, horizontal random lines. Don't be afraid to cross over bits of the Medium Olive.

Step 5: a 50/50 mix of Black Grey and Black. This is the over camo and should again but in random horizontal lines, crossing over the previous colors.


  1. Very cool. I like how the orange and green pops.

  2. Nice camo. Could you explain the colours used for the bricks? Thanks