Monday, 4 November 2013

Sturmgeschütz iii Aüsf G
Hohenstaufen Panzerkompanie: Part 1

Sturmgeschutz, or Assault Gun, is the workhorse of the Waffen SS Panzerdivisions, filling the gap left by the shortfalls of the armaments industry to supply Panzer IV's and Panthers.
For me, making a Panzerkompanie has been a long time coming. For what seems like ages, I've been camping or rarely attacking in all of my games, and lately I've had a strong desire to change it up. With the recurring Hohenstaufen theme, I opted to go with StuG's over Panzer IV's. Mainly because I've never seen a Waffen SS Assault gun list, and it's something I've always wanted to do.

Oh yes, a nice tid bit...have a close look at Unit 700's gunner...can you guess where the figure comes from? 


  1. Very nice. I like how bright the camo is and the nice worn look of the assault guns.

  2. I'm going to have to find my thesaurus. I'm running out of ways to describe how great your painting is.

  3. What paints did you use for the StuG's?

  4. Hey Gazza, sorry for the late reply.

    I use tamiya paints:

    XF-57 buff as the base coat
    XF-58 olive green
    XF-68 nato brown

    I then apply at sin industries P242 Tan filter, and it brings the colors together nicely.