Tuesday, 10 December 2013

Very recently I decided to give up on Flames of War, and have since moved my attentions to a new game, Battlegroup.

Battlegroup is a WW2 miniatures game that focuses on a more practical approach to the war. Instead of gamer 40K style rules, you're faced with problems a battlefield commander would face. You cannot micromanage your army, you cannot power game, the rules make sense...and even your vaunted King Tiger isn't immune (nore will it sit on a smoke shell the whole game!)

In the coming weeks you will see more and more from this game, and Iron Fist Publishing, and the Plastic Soldier Company that form a nice little band in bringing the masses a much needed, almost chess like feel to the world war 2 scene. The game can be played in 20mm or 15mm...and you really don't have to rebase your Flames of War figures. I'm going to put up a simple "how to" for this process, and believe it or not...it's actually quite easy.


  1. Are you serious about giving up on FoW? A battlereport to this game would be very interesting! Greetings from Germany

  2. Yes I'm totally serious about giving up FoW. Today I'll put up a battlereport of my most recent game...holding back the reds!

  3. Hello, i swapped from FOW over a year ago to battlegroup and its the best thing i did! The games i find are much more fun and challenging and all i had to do was tweak some of the bases here and there in my forces. Ive just purchased a copey of Fall of Riech and after reading some of the new rules, especially for the Germans im looking forward to give it bash. I look forward to your battle reports

  4. How much have you spent on FOW?