Tuesday, 10 December 2013

Battlegroup: FoTR
Leibstandarte Adolf Hitler: Spring Awakening

My first offerings to the miniature community for the new game that has my area captivated. Battlegroup is an exciting World War 2 miniatures game that brings realism and random events to a whole new level.
Now don't rant, I didn't change these guys over on a whim. When I tore up the Arnhem bases, it was like killing kittens or something. I however found in the end the result was worth it. A fresh new army ready for a fresh new game. Officers, SMG, Assault Rifles, Panzerfausts...the works. Battlegroup usually favors infantry bases separately..you can spread out more which is vital to me. You keep your support weapons together, like bipod MG42's and mortars, so the Battlefront bases do come in handy. Enjoy the shots below, and feel free to ask any questions!

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  1. They look great Dale - painting and basing is excellent!